For our Design Psychology module, we were tasked with ideating proposals to protect the privacy of underage Internet users. My team decided to focus on the data privacy of children who use social media, such as Instagram.

Terms of service and privacy policy declarations are often written in a complex way. Through the proposed browser extension, we aim to present such information in a way that is appropiate to children of different age ranges.


MEng Design Engineering


UI/UX Design, Design Psychology

Adobe Photoshop


UI/UX Design





Below are some mock-ups that illustrate the proposal. We wanted to bring attention to the fact that the lowest privacy settings are on by default when creating an Instagram account, as well as simplifying the complex language used in Data Privacy declarations and account privacy settings. Additionally, we wanted to bring attention to privacy settings which may be problematic. Here, orange shows that the setting could be changed to make your account safer, while green indicates a high privacy setting.

Sign-up overlay
Privacy settings overlay

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