Cover art for The Summer Hikaru Died




Ren Mokumoku


Yoshiki and Hikaru are best friends. They’re the same age and have grown up together. But one day, Yoshiki notices that “something else” has taken Hikaru’s place. Even after learning of this, Yoshiki wants them to stay together. And so, his life with the “something” that looks like his friend begins.


The Summer Hikaru Died is a beautiful yet mysterious story about a high schooler whose friend has been replaced by ‘something’. It focuses on these two boys’ relationship, but also dives into the horrors and mysteries surrounding the replacement of Hikaru and a number of incidents that have begun to take place in their village.

Through a gorgeous and haunting art style, genius panelling, and amazing storytelling, this manga explores the complex feelings of someone who is unwilling to let go. Even after learning that his friend is most likely never coming back, Yoshiki tries everything in his power to keep his life exactly the way it was by welcoming the new ‘Hikaru’ into it. Unfortunately, this might not be as easy as he expected.

While The Summer Hikaru Died has not been published in English (as of November 2022), it will be distributed by Yen Press starting March of 2023.


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