Covert art for The Stanley Parable


Video game




This is a story about a man named Stanley. Stanley is employee #427, and has a pretty boring job that consists of pressing keys according to instructions. One day, all of Stanley’s coworkers have disappeared, and his only company is a seemingly omnipotent narrator whose instructions he follows… or not.


The Stanley Parable was created by Davey Wreden, the man who is also behind The Beginner’s Guide. I believe his games work best when you go into them without much information, so I’ll keep this one as short as possible.

One of the first things that becomes apparent when you start playing this game is that the narrator has a story in mind for our friend Stanley, and is attempting to lead Stanley to the “true ending” of said story. That said, there are no systems in place that prevent Stanley from ignoring or contradicting the narrator’s instructions. This is where the magic of this game lies, turning it into a very entertaining experience which encourages the player to discover everything it has to offer. It also deals with some meaningful topics such as the illusion of free will, the effects of routine, etc. An indie classic powered by great voice acting and excellent writing, and one that you can finish in one session (if you wish to do so).


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